TB6560 rebuild ? with different driver Need help with circuit

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    Jun 9, 2011
    Well I bought a 5 axis TB6560 board of ebay.. Pluged in 24v and the middle chip tb6560 went up in smoke.. so i cliped it and then another one did.. then another. So... Here is what I would like to do seeing as its not cost effective or wise to even ship back and get another one only to have it burn up too..and wait a month to get it.. I want to use the rest of the components on the board...and make 1x 5 axis controller and make 5 driver boards .. 1 at a time of course till i get it right. Is there anyone that knows these boards and components that might be willing to help me with a schematic using the parts I have + what ever i need to get with new chips other then the TB6560 ? And or just recomned chips that I can use ? I have 2 types of stepper motors 4 and 6 wire nema 17 and nema 23 size.. the nema 23 are the 4 wire and the ones I have to use for the 5 axis.. the other ones I plan on using for a 3D printer down the road .. so I will need lower Amp rating for them so For now i need chips that can handle the 2A nema 23 motors .. thanks
    In other words i want to take this
    and use as much of it as i can to make this
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    Firstly I must say, whatever other posters put on this forum on other threads, the TB6560 is a perfectly good chip if the application notes are followed. Many of these boards apply power in the wrong sequence and the slew rate of the opto-couplers is, at best, questionable.
    I suggest you design a new board around the components you have or modify the existing one.
    Let me guess; does your board derive the 5v logic from the motor voltage? Does your board have EL817 opto-isolators?