Tango pcb

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I am in desperate need of some tango pcb info
I have an old copy of tango pcb installed on my comp and some old layouts I desperately need to access/modify
I have lost my dongle. Can you tell me where I might purchase one?
Or even better: I understand they just shorted some pins on a parallel port connector, any idea what the pinout is?
What this means is that I just need to know which pins are shorted or "common" on the dongle

Any help is greatly appreciated


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Can you post any Layout file(s) made by tango. I will check if I can read it with my software. It can be any design made by your tango system (like an example)


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You might apply to Accel Technology for a replacement dongle. They insist on having the old one back, so they may not be helpful - http://www.altium.com/na/

If you can still find a download of Circad'98, it can read Tango files saved in text format.