Tampa...Fort Lauderdale,Florida

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Max, 60 minutes did a story on East Tampa....selling tax Info..then they

signed off reporting from Fort Lauderdale, funny how they tied the two

towns together.


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The towns are forever linked from the cocaine wars. Orlando was just starting out back then so your two biggest southern towns were Tampa / Miami-Ft Laud. Plus their both largely cuban populations and cultures. Much more so then other FL cities. But you have S. Beach and the whole art deco thing down there. Where we have more Old FL up here. I'd say you guys are a lil more California were a lil more New York.

But yah we invented the Tax drop thing, it was actually invented by some kids 6-7 years ago at HCC (Hillsborough Community College) Then blew thru the city and spread to Miami area, then nationwide the past 2 years. But Tampa's still #1 in tax fraud in all area's ghetto and white collar. We also #1 in auto accident fraud and #1 in hardest city to make a living.

Also I want people to understand there is a difference between Tampa Bay and Tampa. Tampa is the small city where downtown, N,E,S,and W Tampa. Tampa Bay is the entire area of Tampa, St Pete, Clearwater, NPR, Temple Terrace, Brandon,Valrico, z-hills, etc... So Tampa Population 600,000 Tampa Bay population 6,750,000