Tail light rebuild project questions

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Hey all, first time post but i've been doing some reading on here. In fact, thats the only reason i've gotten this far. I'm rebuilding a tail light on my dirt motorcycle for visibility purposes at night. My current one is shot and I'm just re-using the housing.

I have Lumiled superflux HPWT-DH00
I'm going to be running 4 sets of 4 LEDS in 3 rows. (see picture)

I'm having issues with what size resistors i need. I've come up with this.

vF = 2.19 - 3.03 = avg 2.61v
4 LEDS x 2.61v = 10.44v drop
Max forward current - 70mA

14.5v - 10.44v = 4.06v / 70mA = 58ohms
12.7v - 10.44v = 2.26v / 70mA = 32.28ohms
11.5v - 10.44v = 1.06v / 70mA = 15.14 ohms

I dont want to blow the LEDS, nor shorten their life, but would like them as bright as possible.

What resistors should i go with?
What do i need for a brake light high/low ?
Do i need the continuous forward current?
Where can i draw up a schematic (link)?

here's a picture. any help is great as i'm sure i'll be needed more along the way. Thanks!

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