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    Oct 14, 2005

    I have a bad habit of looking things up only when I need them and not reading things sequentially. Although the search facility in this site is excellent for that purpose, I feel that a single page outlining all the contents in this site is sorely needed (at least by me!). A page that outlines the titles of chapters, sub-chapters and sections with hyperlinks to the relevant sections would be nice. A few words outlining the contents in each chapters would be useful, but not really necessary.

    It is kind of like a menu of available information where readers could peruse the available topics easily and select one that take his/her fancy.

    One other thing that would be useful is a flag indicating whether a section is in a complete state, in progress (partially complete) or empty.

    Thank you.
  2. Dave

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    Nov 17, 2003
    Two good suggestions that would be a huge benefit to the site. The site administrator jrap started a thread, found here, which welcomed suggestions for 2006. You could post your suggestion there (or at least post a link to this thread) so that when he next looks all the suggestions are in one place.

    The other alternative is to e-mail him via his profile.

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    Before I begin, It looks to me like allaboutcircuits has a TOC along the left side of the page in the book section. If this is not enough.....

    I haven't been advertising it, but the updates to the volumes in January at have a table of contents added to the html pages. This is also true of the .pdf versions also. Since the pages at ibiblio are whole chapter -- probably too long, and Allaboutcircuits pages at the section level, this may not do much good for AAC.

    However the software, a perl script which I used, htmltoc, may be of value. There is another more flexible ( and too complex for me) script mentioned at the site for htmltoc. Google for htmltoc , or start here

    You can also look at the new chapter pages at ibiblio to see if the chapter TOC might be replaced by a section TOC at AAC. It can probably be generated by htmltoc.

    The absolute longest chapter TOC that I know of is AC volume 2, AC motors.

    I would advise against grabbing that new chapter just yet, as I am working on a revision.

    A chapter that might be worth updating at AAC is the "Karnaugh mapping" chapter for Digital volume 4. It was revised so that it has more entries at the section level. That means that the TOC on the left side of the AAC page will show more entries- a more usefull TOC.