T-delta rosette strain gauge

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    Jul 17, 2009
    For experimental validation of a design based on FEA, a prototype was tested using strain gauge rosettes at critical locations in a typical t-delta configurations, consisting of 3 gauges: A, B, C and fourth (extra) gauge D. D normally serves as a check on the strains recorded by the rosette arms. In this instance due to a fault in the measuring circuit, the strain response in gauge A could not be recorded the measured strains in the other three gauges were: eB = (-)135x10-6, eC=227x10-6 and eD= (-)63 x 10-6.
    What would have been the strain recorded by gauge A?

    I've looked in my notes that my lecturers put online and I've been searching on google all day and I can't find anything. I know it has something to do with the fourth gauge, but there's no information on the web about it that I could find. I know eA + eD = something, the angle of a=0 degrees, b = 60degrees, c=120degrees and d = 90 degrees. Can anyone give me some advice please?
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    You might go to www.omega.com and look over their strain gauge application gide.