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    Jan 17, 2010
    So how do you determine the most efficient potential difference to make sure your solar power is being used in the house or pushed onto the grid? 1 volt above utility? 5 volts above? At the cost of a solar system, I'd want to make sure every watt was either running a light or spinning the meter backwards.
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    Please start a new thread when the one you post in is expired - After that much time, most of the principals have gone on.

    As to the question, there are places where such a system is not legal. The synchronous inverter, where you can sell power to the utility, produces 120VAC at 60 Hz. The power produced is a function of the solar cells and their irradiation. Whether you are using all that power or selling it to the utility depends on the household demand vs. the power being produced.

    Reducing A/C loads and watching what other loads are on the system during the day are the largest factor - your PV's won't be productive after sunset.