Synchronous counter design

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Hi All

Can somebody guide me to startwith this synchrnous counter design.

The circuit diagram of a synchronous counter is shown in fig. below.
Determine the Sequence of states of the counter. Assume that the init ial state
is 000. Give your answer in tabular form, showing the present state QA(n),
QB(n) , QC(n) , J-K inputs (JA, KA, JB, KB, JC, KC) and the next state QA(n+1),
QB(n+1), QC(n+1). From the table determine the modulus of the counter.

The circuit diagram is attached herewith

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You could start by getting the data sheet for a 7473 J-K flip-flop and learning how they work. After that, seeing how the counter functions will be simple.


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check out the circuit,when i solved ,found that it is not going through all stages of input.
Is it really a counter,i doubt??