Synchronize 8051 micros

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I have a design that involves two 8051 micros from SiLabs (C8051F005 specifically) isolated from each other, and I am in need of a method to synchronize them. The only signal that is common among them is a 2MHz pulse.

The 8051s that I am using have an integrated CMOS clock that can run up to 16MHz, however it can also be run on external oscillator sources such as crystals, LC tanks, and normal capacitors.

I would really prefer that both units operate at up to 16 MHz.

Is anyone familiar with any unique tricks to pull this off?

I believe I've provided enough information, but if more is needed, just ask.

EDIT: For those wondering, the significance of having these micros synchronized is that the 2MHz base signal is amplitude modulated by both micros in order to transmit data between each other, similar to how RFID works. However, the micros have to be accurate enough to be capable of triggering and reading only one pulse per bit.
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