Switching Regulators

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Hi there!!

I know that getting linear regulators in parallel to gain a higher current is a bad idea because one would work more than the other.

The thing is that I need higher currents and I was curious if something was possible in such case with switching regulators such as LM2576. I was thinking adding a transistor of some form or simply stacking two regulators in parallel. Would that work?

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I've seen multiple linear regulators put in parallel. Not the best way but it works.

One regulator will naturally have a higher voltage then the other. Assuming a voltage foldback current limit, it puts out all the current it can until it's output nudges against the current limit, then the output drops to the point where the 2nd regulator picks up the load. So one regulator supplies all it can, the other makes up the difference.

Sometimes that's all you need.


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If you absolutely must have equal currents drawn, have you though of using a current mirror? This would make both sections draw nearly the same current but of course would increase your component cost