switching polarity on a circut multiple times

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Hey, my names brandon and im working on this project but i seemed to have run into a problem. Im trying to make a circuit to switch polarity multiple times a second. i want a motor to switch from positive to negitave and be able to control how many times a second it switches polarity. and also if possible i would like to be able to control the voltage as well. The project is not real big so i wouldnt want my circuit to be real big. Im not sure if this circuit would be possible but i hope someone could help me. I called a electrician and he told me i was crazy. Please help me. does anyone think that it could be done?


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I happen to be an electrician. My wife is a clinical psychologist. If I were to attempt a psychological diagnosis based on one phone conversation, she would go through the roof!:eek:

Couple points of clarification, if you please...

Do you want A) to switch the motor polarity several times per second or do you want B) a motorised switch?

How many times per second will the reversals occur? (What's your frequency?)

What voltage and current levels are we dealing with? (These can make big design differences, depending on their values.)

Also - are you open to alternative means of achieveing your end result? If so, what does your end result happen to be?