switching out pushbuttons with touchpads

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hey everyone! this is my first project on this forum. i like to make and mod arcade style controllers for consoles (ps3, 360) and pc. i used to have to take the PCB out of controllers to use, but people are starting to make their own PCBs that work for all consoles. the buttons and joystick work on microswitches, so i figure i can use a capacitive touch pad as a microswitch.

these are the microswitches found on some buttons and sticks:
http://www.canonspike.com/Canon_Spi...hes_+_Octogate_quick_mod_files/cherry mod.jpg

this is the PCB i will be using. it is called a Cthulhu and it works for PS3 and PC

the only thing that i know how to do is to solder, so this is going to be a fun learning experience for me.
first off, i need a shopping list. i have seen a 10 button PIC pad tutorial that the panels are all together on one board (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2cQ2ht0CYO0) and a DIY 4 button PIC sensor with multi touch (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgaMPMfD8gw&feature=player_embedded). i am planning on doing the same thing and then i need to wire the signal for the button press and ground to the Cthulhu. i will also plan to add an led to light up the panel i am touching.

what material do i need to get this project started? thank you for all of your help.