Switching Circuits

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    Mar 3, 2011
    hi guys,

    im a new user here,im really sorry if i double post it.i really need experienced helper n guidance in my final year project.

    here my project:
    A)solar cell (DC)-->battery (DC)-->inverter-->(AC) [switching circuits]
    B)normal power supply from home --> (AC) [switching circuits]

    main idea:
    switching circuits is doing the power supply selection, which means is select either one from the 2 power supplies (house/solar)

    solar cell will have the main priority to be selected

    it will always uses the electric from the battery, unless it runs out of electricity, then it will choose the normal household electricity.

    IF (A = on, B = off)
    o/p = A
    else IF (A = off, B = on)
    o/p = B
    else IF (A = on, B = on)
    o/p = A
    o/p = off

    the tricky parts, there is offline ups involved, and instead of using relay, i was suggested to use triac, (is it due to electrical appliances, or the ac source?)

    here comes d Q:
    how can i automatically select this 2 source using offline ups(involving triac?). will it involved micro-controller?(if so,how tis circuit will be?) i really run out off idea how tis gonna be like..
    really appreciate any kind of help.
  2. nonerrogant

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    Mar 3, 2011
    mayday~~~ help help~~

    thx guys