Switching adapter into 120v DC

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I have a 100 - 240v ac to 5v DC switching adapter. Is it possible to intercept the voltage just after the rectifier and get 120v dc. I have read different things, the consensus seems to be that switching adapters rectify 120vac to 120vdc then run it through a transformer to drop it to the needed voltage, then through some filtering and regulation. Is this correct?

I am trying to make a simple led light, if I use 120 vdc I would need less resistors. I believe.


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Yes but no.

There is no practical or safe reason to do it.

In fact thread may well be closed for the suggestion.:D


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when using the adapter on 120 volts ac in, there is about 170 volts after rectification and filtering. there is no 120 volts dc in there at all.


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.... and that 170V is not mains-isolated so can be LETHAL.
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