Switching 9V to 24V from RF receiver

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Hi guys,

I'm currently working on a little project that requires me to switch a 9V signal (500mA over 2 seconds) to 24V, but i'm not sure what the most effective/simplest way would be.

2x12V batteries supply the power to my RF receiver (Stepped down to 9V), which sends out my 2 second 9V signal.

What would be the best solution to this? Do i use SSRs to switch it, or should i use a switching converter?

Thank you very much for your time!


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Transistors are pretty good at level shifting. Depending on your need for inverting or non-inverting logic I'm guessing one or two parts.


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If you want to turn the 24V on for 2 seconds in response to the 9V signal and off otherwise, then you could use a small NPN transistor (such as a 2N2222) driving a P-MOSFET such as this in series with the 24V.

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Thank you very much for all your replies.

I went with Tyco SDT-S-109LMR2 relays. Currently, i am switching 6 relays with 6 different signals in one of the boxes, but i am getting some rather weird bleed-through with them. My 24V source is hooked parallel to the output side (switched side) and even without anything connected on the back end (Trigger side), i am getting anything from 4-10V bleeding through. They are not welded, because they do reset.

Not sure what the best solution would be for this problem. I was thinking maybe a RC circuit/Bleed Resistor?

Thanks again for all the responses, really appreciate it!