switch with 5 contacts

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I have a two position switch with 5 contacts on the back. It is backlit (there is a small LED build into the switch). The backlight is supposed to be on when the headlights of the vehicle the switch is in are on. The switch controls another LED elsewhere in the vehicle. Everything runs on 12v.

I took a multimeter to the switch and found that in the off position there is no continuity between pins 4 and 5 however in the on position there is.

pins 1 and 2 are the opposite. when in the on position there is no continuity. however in the off position there is.

I have tried every permutation I can think of with a power source to attempt to get the backlight to light up but nothing seems to work.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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I'm thinking single pole dual throw with pwr/ground for LED.

Find the 3 terminals (common, down, up) for switch, other two terminals must be for lamp.