Switch from 1 inverter to another without disturbing PC

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    Aug 6, 2010
    How can I switch from a 600w inverter to a 1.5kW inverter smoothly without causing any damage and without my PC having to be turned off?

    would it be safe to use a DPDT relay like this one?


    and simply turn off the small inverter once the bigboy has started up.

    The small inverter is actually a UPS, the big inverter is connected to a 100ah 12v battery and so will last over an hour, I don't want to buy another 12v battery for 24v to power the UPS..

    The UPS will not run off the 1.5kW inverter (I'm guessing because it's "dirty power") so I need a way to switch

    edit: I guess it would be done automatically by using 2 DPDT relays

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