Surplus stores?

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Hey, I'm going on a road trip soon, and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good surplus stores or electronics stores somewhere along the way.
We're planning on going to a store in lincoln nebraska, so I marked our approximate route with lines on either side of it.




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not a secret by any means but overlooked often:

Universities sell off surplus from time to time at auction or an in-house store.
Usually open to the public.
One in your area that I have been to many many times when I went and lived there was Purdue. I have scored on hundreds of pieces of working scopes and test gear at tenths of the value.

make a list of schools you will be in the vicinity of on your trip, call them to find the dates of their sales and hopefully you will be in the neighborhood at the correct time.
This time of the year is usually fruitful as semesters end and new equipment is procured.


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In my university we often have to bring our own materials and equipment, due to lack of components or faulty instruments.

It's quite sad...