Surface mount capacitor, PCB pad size and current

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    Oct 6, 2008
    Dear all,

    I am designing a PCB for my schematic I have designed. Basically, I know that for a certain current running at a certain temperature together with the PCB trace thickness, there's a certain width to follow base on some formulas to calculate that width required.

    However, with surface mount capacitor with a small pad size, how do I actually route my board to this pad if the trace width is rather big? I have a minimum clearance between adjacent pads and trace tracks. If I reduce the trace that is near to this particular pad, I would be compromising on the current that can be passed to this pad through this trace.

    Can I actually compromise on that? Eg: The trace is 140 mil thick in width, 2oz thickness to support a 10A current flow. And towards this pad, say about 500 mil away or so, I reduce this 140mil trace width to 80 or even say 50 mil, what impact would I be introducing to my circuit? Would I actually burn the board?

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