Supplying Power to a Load Panel from a Main Ditribution Panel

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    I have a load panel mounted on the side of an equipment cabinet that is supplying power to various 120V electronic devices inside the cabinet. The total VA connected to the panel is calculated at 5000VA. The load panel has 100A main breaker installed. I need to supply main power to this load panel from a main distribution panel located some distance away. My question is if the cabling and breaker is properly sized from the main distribution panel to the load panel. (For example only) say 8awg was determined(to code)to handle the load from the main distribution panel at the distance at 240/5000va= 20.8A with a 30 amp breaker. Is it Proper and to code to feed the 100A load panel breaker from the 30A main distribution panel breaker ? Any insight would be appreciated.
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    I dont know which area and which code governs your area, but as I see it, you want to set up a 100A sub panel off of a 30A panel?

    If your sub panel doesn't exceed the line ratings, (ie not drawing 30 amps on 18 gauge line) you are in the clear.

    This is done often. You can pull as many sub panels off the main panel as breakers you have.

    If you have a 20 breaker main box, you can have 20 sub panels off that box, given you stay within load limits of the suppling wire.
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