superposition problem

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Did you upload an image of your circuit? If so I can't see it.

Also, why not post on the Homework forum ..... it's not really a general electronics chat matter.


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There is a sticky somewhere that describes in detail how to post images, but I can't find it right now. So, here is a brief version:
1) In the reply box, go to advanced options.
2) Click on manage attachments
3) Browse to the attachment you want to upload from your desktop
4) Highlight it, which will capture its path, then click up load
5) At this point, there are some options. Here is a simple plan: right click the uploaded file. Click properties, then highlight and copy the path. You have now uploaded your image to the AAC server and copied its path on that server.
6) In the reply box, click on "insert picture", then paste the path for the picture you uploaded. It will appear with image ("img") tags around it.
7) If you preview your post, you should see the image.

Good luck.

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