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    Hello I have been messing around with the vizimag trail and have found something interesting.

    the question is will a superconducting coil with the same current as a normal conducting coil create the same field strength. because in the program the superconductor is like 1000 to 10000 time weaker in producing force on another magnet and it's field strength as well?

    can someone explain to me why this is, I would expect it to at least produce the same field strength as the normal coil at the same current.
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    Aug 24, 2007
    Thanks for the info but none of them helped to explain what happened in vizimag because when the coils were superconducting state they actually produced sustantialy less force then a normal conductor, they also produce much less inductance so maybe that had something to do with it.

    Eithier way , I am still confused about what happened?
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    I'm not a fan of software, it doesn't always reflect real physics. Don't get confused or mislead because a simulator doesn't jive with reality. Reality always trumps fantasy.

    Given all things equal (diameter, number of windings, length, and current) you will get the same magnetic field. It is the current and the geometry (which shapes the flux) that determines what the magnetic field is. A superconductor removes a few variables, namely resistance, but that is it.

    There are a lot of myths around superconductors, even by people who should know better. One of the common ones is it is almost zero ohms, since nothing can be zero. Another is to assign mystical properties. Neither is true. It is a wire with no resistance. It has other limitations, those are what you need focused on.
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    I think what you are looking about is Meissner effect ,its a big topic have a google search.

    Good Luck

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    Thanks, that helped explain some thing's but not all, one is would the inductance be the same for the superconducting inductor given the same exact parameters as a normal inductor, because in the vizimag it shows it as much less. Does anyone know of a really good Magnetic field simulator other then vizimag. possibly one that can simulate superconductors aswell