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Hi everyone,
Im new here & also new to electronics.
I had a little idea of how to control the rotation of my motorized webcam (instead of buying a ready one) because I can then use the same method with other things.
I know what I want but I don't know how!.

The idea is pretty simple:
With actionscript in a flash movie, I can control the PC volume ammount on each channel (right & left). So throught the audio output, I want to connect a circuit that triggers the current (9V or 24V) depending of this volume ammount and channel.

If I play a continuous sound (beep) on the right channel, the motor will turn right; same with left channel.
It will be better if it works depending of the volume not just the sound being played.
Volume = 20% -> action1
Volume = 60% -> action 2
And so on on every channel.

I apologize if I'm asking too much, but is that possible to get help with a circuit scheme for that?.
I can provide the sound control flash movie at least :)

Thank you very much in advance.


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Can it be done? You bet!

Will it be simple? Depends on the definition of "simple" in this context...

You'll need a gizmo called a "comparator." If you want different actions from different volumes, you can use more than one comparator to make a "multiple aperture window discriminator." (See page 3, figure TL/H/7057-20 of this link.) You can also use multiples of a gizmo called a "filter" to control different outcomes by changing the tone/pitch of your signal.

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Thank you for replying so quickly and for you suggestions.
I'll be ultimately thankful if you or somebody can provide a scheme I or someone else can use to build it, that's my final goal.
Thank you again.