Sunday Morning Coming Down

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Having coffee and a salute to Johnny Cash. Broken down in Jessup Ga.

with brother -inlaw, he moved to Texas City, Texas . Name a town..

name a town......O'reielly was in Hollywood, Fla .... more


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I remember playing that song numerous times late on Saturday nights. One guy kept giving us $50-150 each time he requested it.
That was his favorite beer drinking tune.:D

Needless to say, we never turned him down.

Musicians can be such sluts.:eek::cool:


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Metalman that says a lot about you and johnny cash.

Nothing good, I hope.;)
The music business sucks.
A whole Jar full of liars, out there.:mad:

I do love Johnny Cash, Willie, Waylon, Owens, etc. Heavy Metal, did not pay as good as Variety/Country, but that's what I preferred..

Started out playing Gospel & Bluegrass late 40s, then graduated into Elvis/Orbison in the 50s, all the English and American groups in the 60s, Boston, Nazereth, Pink Floyd in the 70s, even played a little Disco in the mix.:( Top 40 in the 80s and 90s, etc. Originals, throughout all those years.
I've been a busy man.:cool::D How I had time to raise kids/wives, and get damn good at Journeyman status Machining/Tool and Die, I'll never figure out. No wonder this old body is worn out.
Sure was a fun gig though!

There is my resume I did not fill out in my profile!


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@metalmann: I worked with a band in L.A in the 1970's. It was great fun until I realized that a musician begins to feel like a juke box after a while. Somebody puts a dollar in and names the song, and you play it.

"The beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad"??? Oh geeze. I'm so glad I don't listen to country music or I would have heard that song before now.

Then I realized I wasn't in the Whisky A Go Go with Jon Bon Jovi because I couldn't stand people that were that, "Look at ME" and the dream crumbled. I just wasn't cut out to be in the big time glam and glitter and I wasn't going to ride to riches on the coat tails of my front man because I'd rather punch him in the face than put up with his ego.

Short ride. Three years and I'm back to chasing electrons through transistors.
I'm so glad I had 3 years to play at doing music. I never did become good with my guitar but I met the best friends I ever knew in those 3 years.