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    i have a frind that at his work they are going to get rid of an old server. he said o could have it but it would have to be diskwiped first. it sounded like he wasent sure on how to do it and thought the program they use for windows would fail to work but i think it could because tha program is ran off a flopy disk built on a win 98 startup disk. he said i could probly do the disk wipe as long as he was there also. but i would also like to know if it fails how would i go about this in solaris? i beleve it is somewhat linix based or similar so couldn't i just do a mkfs or fdisk on it?

    if it helps here is some info on it. it is a unisys aquanta ES from 200-2001 it has 4 scsi disks in it with 6 capacity not sure of the setup wether raid 5 or what or of capacity i beleve probly around 10-30 GB per HDD. has at least 1 PIII xeon CPU 1 GB ram. from mthe research i have done on this system it is supposed to be a pc style system but with in this case sun os but it sounds like it will run windows.

    i have some experiance with linux but have not yet worked with solaris. not sure wether it is like linix where drives would have to be mounted (probly would be alredy for the os) and if when a mkfs or fdisk is done how is the drives specified is this like linux? also not sure because it is probly a raid theyd have to be done individualy this could cause problems with wiping other ones especily if the os is on all of them. looked around for some freeware diskwipe stuff only found one and they wanted like $30. i would be ok using a program that it could boot and wipe or command line.

    any help apreciated.
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    Solaris is not Linux based, but they are both forms on Unix. Solaris is real Unix.

    In any case, it may be enough to just delete everything except the OS. If this is the case, then your Linux skills should be enough. Just go around the file system(s) and delete what they do not want to have leave the company. If not, then the company should be aware that short of writing various patterns to every byte of each disk multiple times (usually hundreds of times), then deleting files is just as effective as formatting the drive. If they do want the job done properly you'll need to remove the drives and hang them on another box and use the appropriate utility to wipe them. However, then you'll need to get your hands on a copy of Solaris to load back up on it.

    I do believe Solaris for Intel is free. Unless Oracle changed all that, and that is entirely possible as I have heard that poor old Larry needs more money to buy a new planet or something. I have no idea where you'd get a version that would run on that box. You'll need to do some research.
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    thanks for the help. it ended up haveing windows server 03 on it but wouldn't boot properly so we just used the bootable diskwipe program they used. i beleve that worked but will find out tomorow for sure. i guess it had sun os at one time but is suposed to be PC compatible also so i think that did it. i saw there was open solaris but i think you needed a free membership in the oricle site for some reason. thought about doing that but i dont think i'll even use it think i will use server 2000 instead.