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Hey guys,

I've been reading this digital electronics (demystified), and I am confused about one thing: Sum of Products.

I know how all 6 gates work, but I don't understand the consept of Sum of Products and Products of Sum..

If you have any pages/links or know about this, please tell me.

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Well, this is my first book, so I don't know. I guess this one isn't that good. But thanks a lot; I not got it right.
If you read the link posted by recca02 you will see the following explanation:

...a Sum-Of-Products Boolean expression is literally a set of Boolean terms added (summed) together, each term being a multiplicative (product) combination of Boolean variables. An example of an SOP expression would be something like this: ABC + BC + DF, the sum of products "ABC," "BC," and "DF."
There is nothing more to the concept of sum-of-products.

Otherwise you any be advised looking at one of the standard texts in this subject, Art of Electronics or Microelectronic Circuits might be good starting point.

If you have a specific query about a particular question, post it up and we'll see if we can help.