Suggestions to make a series oscillator work, please ?

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Am trying a few methods and would like to know alternatives on how would you do it.

(A)------(-)BAT(+)-------OSC--------1000 Ohms R-------(B)

The battery can be 6 to 12 V.
Touching A to B is the only way to turn it on
Frequency anywhere from 10 Hz to 100 Hz
Duty cycle anywhere from 1% to 99%
Sine, triangle or square wave
Amplitude across 1000 Ohm resistor as near as battery voltage as possible.
Impedance as low as possible.
The oscillation current must be the battery consumption current.

Sort of a solid state car flasher, relay with its coil in series with N.C. contacts, or a flasher led, or... your suggestion.
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