Suggestions for a non-profit electronic project website

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I'm developing a non-profit website which allows users to collaborate to develop electronic projects.
The site allows users to post ideas which an online community can collaborate on to develop the final project.

Here is the concept:
1) User posts their idea
A user creates a new account with the option of using an existing Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or OpenID account.
They then post their project idea with a brief description.

2) Idea is broken down into specific development areas
I.e. Project -> Implementation research, Circuit Design, Component Sourcing, PCB Design, Software Development, Documentation (Datasheets, Userguides etc.)

3) Community upload contributions
Community can discuss, upload and vote on the best contributions.

4) Finalised design is exported to a dedicated project page

A leaderboard is in place to allow the community to compete for titles such as:
• Best Schematic Designer
• Best PCB Designer
• Best Software Developer
• Best Component Selector
• Most Approved Implementation Proposals
• Most Approved documentation
• Most Bugs Found

I'm looking for some suggestions as to how this site can be more tailored to developers and any functionality that could be added.

I have the following features in mind:

On-site .sch/.schDoc viewer/editor
Online PCB viewer/editor

A beta version of the site will be online in the next few days, but just to give you an idea:

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!