Suggestion - remove part of website, or review rules/moderation

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Ive been trying to get some help on designing a 230V AC LED circuit - which is kinda hard, since moderators think the thread is against the rules.

Let me start by pointing something out. The idea of powering LEDs from 230V is actually reviewed right here at AAC, in Volume 3:

Hmm, thats odd? Giving people the great idea of powering LEDs from 230V, but not wanting to help them making it as safe as possible? Sounds like a REALLY bad idea to me. Like handing someone a gun, without wanna tell them the safety precautions.

I therefore suggest that either that part of Volume 3 is removed, since unexperienced users might kill themself without proper guidance, or that the rules get changed, so its allowed to discuss such projects.


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You will not get help, as there is no way for non-isolated power off the line can be made safe. It is simply a lethal accident waiting to happen.

We do, however, mention safety precautions - always use a transformer to isolate the circuit from the line. No other means is acceptable.

It's worth removing that example from the Ebook.
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