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Actually, many friends like to use DM3730 processor to develop their project. In other word, DM3730 processor is hot now and will take the place of DM3510 processor. It is the time of DM3730!
Of course, the DM3730 has more functions to meet our need and will help us to develop more on our project.
If you need to evaluate a board or something on your project, and if you don't know which to use, my suggestion is to buy some boards as sample.
Like mini8510 processor card, if you are interested, you can buy one or two boards to evaluate. Or you can buy a sbc8100 board which has a mini8100 basec on TI DM3510, if it is adjusted to you, then mini8510 can be best for you to ues.

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Oh, I am sorry for what trouble I made for you.
You know, I have bought some boards and want to share something, not want to do any thing that make you feel not comfortable. If I did, I am very sorry for that and I will never let it happen from now on.
Than you for your attention.
And I am sorry for that again.