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Hi All,

I'm trying to find a 1.2 VA 120Vrms to 5Vrms transformer. I've found one on - part no. 546-161FA10. However, I'm prohibited by two things, the price and the sized. This particular one is $6.12 and I'm a student and need to buy a few of them for a project. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend something with similar specs but cheaper and possibly a bit smaller in size (or at least not any bigger but cheaper). Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Unless you absolutely must have a transformer for the project, check out the wall warts at any supplier. They should be a dime a dozen at Goodwill.

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Honestly my problem is that I just want to build a specific power supply that's as small as possible, but puts out a voltage of 5.5v or so and upwards of 200mA power, but is small. Like as small as some of the usb wall chargers some of which are as small as 1.5"x2"x1.5". I'm having trouble doing this because power supplies with transformers are huge. How do they make those small ones sooo small?


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Does it heave to be exactly 5.5V? USB power supplies (like for charging your cell phone) are 5V. You can get 6V "wall wart" supplies as someone suggested quite easily. 5.5V is going to be tricky. I'll try and find some links to cheap suppliers.

Edit - If you can live with 5V, go to eBay and search for 5V power supply. There are some there for under $4 with free shipping from Hong Kong - "Caveat Emptor"


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My local surplus electronics parts distributor buys "surplus" items then sells them.
They had thousands of new 5V/2A name-brand tiny switching regulated power supplies for $1.75 each. I bought a few. They have a trimpot inside to adjust the regulated output voltage over a wide voltage range.