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we've got this project at school and we don't know what circuit to make. We don't have a clue of what to make but the materials need to be those of what we have discussed in the classroom. The project needs to be somehow multi-purpose and not just for example an adder or such. I've browsed through the projects in the other forum but i think those are either too complicated or use materials outside of our discussion. The materials can compose of the following(it has no limit to the basic materials such as resistors, diodes, LED's etc.):
binary adder
octal keypad
seven segment display
combinational circuit components
RS , JK flip-flops
binary counters
universal shift register

Uhhmm thanks for your suggestions.. I will try my best to comprehend your suggestion and advices.. thanks again..


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Well one project we did was to input a number on a keyboard on 1 board, and have it display on a SSD on the second board (ie, different clocks). I believe we used an optical transmitter/reciever as the link (I forget exactly what it is, but it was a 2 pin device, one end you send the signal, and the other pin is the receiving end). So we had to shift our number into the optical thing, then shift the output of the other pin into a register and display it.

Perhaps something like this could be your project


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You have all the ingredients for an electric lock circuit.

You could use an LED that would light up only if you entered the correct sequence of numbers.


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uhhmm im not sure if we could use optical transmitters.. but ill try to check it out


uhhmm when you say electric lock circuit, do you mean like a input password security circuit and the LED is like the output for the correct password?


by the way thanks for the replies.. hopefully more people will reply.. thanks again..


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One could make a primitive video game. Start with the top and bottom segments lit. Use the octal keypad to move the player's segment while the logic-controlled segment gives chase. Keep track of time between start and catch in order to score.