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    Deals, steals and good sources:

    I think it would be nice to have an area in which we could share exceptional sales and places that have a good deal going on as well as the names of (and links to) suppliers we've stumbled upon that carry the unique, obsolete or otherwise difficult to find components.

    This would also be a good place to share tips on things others may not have thought of.

    Let's say you might have need for a 30V @ 4A power supply transformer. You can often pick up a used industrial control transformer designed to convert 480V down to 120V with a 500W rating for about $5 at a local electrical surplus store. You simply feed the 480V side with 120V and it steps that down to 30V output on the terminals that were once 120V @ 4A. (the current is limited by the design rating of the secondary winding)

    In addition these transformers often come with multiple primaries: 480, 240, 208 and on rare occasions 277V so as you can see the options can be many. Just remember that the wattage rating at the designed operation voltage will always define the maximum current any particular winding can handle, if it was a 500W transformer when used to step 480 down to 120 that means the wire used in the 120V winding never expected to have much more than 4A going through it. They will also work in reverse as step-up transformers but I rarely see circuits mentioned in here that would require 480V at 1A.