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Hey there,

I have to "Implement in Hardware" any simple electronic circuit, with following conditions:

1- Contain only discrete components (no ICs) and maximum of 3 transistors.
2- Wish to have brief information and component list.
3- Please I need the simplest circuit ever, with minimum number of components.

Thank you


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I have a simpler circuit. Put a resistor across a battery to warm your hands and convert the chemical energy in the battery into heat. Replace batteries as required. Dispose of the dead batteries an an environmentally friendly way.

You should be able to use Ohm's law to calculate the current. The heat generated can be computed from the power dissipated in the resistor.

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Power's equal I squared R

NB. There is no violation of the 2nd Law of thermodynamics here.


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Another option would be making Papabravo's idea with a light-bulb instead of resistors. By placing a shaped reflector behind the bulb, the circuit could be used to find one's way about in darkness. :)