suggest me a name !

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i 'm doing a project based on microcontroller in which i 'm going to monitor the parameters like water level, traffic density and provide accordingly visual warnings on display in the respective areas by the roadside as overhead display, as well as transmit these readings to a control room wirelessly so that these parameters can be monitored on computer.
this is related to city's different parameter monitoring .
any additional parameters can be implemented in this project or any other features can be implemented......................... plss suggest!
what name should i assign to this project ,i'm not able to find a perfect name do you have any suggestions for assigning the NAME OF THIS PROJECT ?do reply.


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i havent worked with microcontrollers so cant suggest a proper name .
how 'bout study of microcontrollers and its application in (insert name here)parameter monitoring system?
i m no good with these either.


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The project is about 'condition monitoring' so would suggest that you get that particular phrase in there.



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Since you are monitoring road conditions, and then send it to a large overhead display screen why not call it Asfault because you know people will create more accidents when trying to read it.

Or you could call it Transview or something like that.