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    I am trying to create a subcircuit in PSPICE and I need to include following (dependent)voltage expression between two nodes 2 and 10 inside the subcircuit as described above by unkukaracha

    E 2 10 value={(q/Ceq)*(Nsil*(exp(-2*V(2,10)*ET)-exp(V(46)))/(exp(-2*V(2,10)*ET)+exp(V(23))*exp(-1*V(2,10)*ET)+exp(V(46))))+{(q/Ceq)*(Nnit*(exp(-1*V(2,10)*ET))/(exp(-1*V(2,10)*ET)+(Kn)*exp(V(23))))}

    The complete expression cannot fit in one line due to 132 character limit, so I tried using the following technique of breaking the expression into two lines
    E 2 10 value={(q/Ceq)*(Nsil*(exp(-2*V(2,10)*ET)-exp(V(46)))/(exp(-2*V(2,10)*ET)+exp(V(23))*exp(-1*V(2,10)*ET)+exp(V(46))))}

    Yet, the simulator does not take into account the second line while calculating the voltage between nodes 2 and 10. I am using Orcad PSPICE for the simulation. Can someone help me in solving this issue?

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    Try removing the {} characters and using the + character at the start of each continuation line.