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hello everyone... im trying to tackle a homework problem and its just not going anywhere, hope someone can provide some info...

the circuit with the known values is given in the pic

im supposed to determine the resistance of R4 so that the maximum power is developed on it, and to determine that power.

i hope what im saying is understandable, as im translating this into english and dont have much command of the terminology

i would appreciate if someone could explain to me the principle of tackling problems like these, as i feel much more comfortable with knowing what im doing than just turning a homework in on time

thanks in advance


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according to the max. power transfer theorem max power is transferred from source to load when the source impedance equals the load impedance
there fore the easiest way to tackle problems of this nature will be to take the R4 as the load... and apply thevenin's theorem.. the value of the thevenin's resistance is the value of R4