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I have purchased lcd meters voltmeter plus ammeters 6/24 volt input and have been told by manufacturer that 2 meters can be run in the same circuit but if any more than 2 meters share the same circuit it will require separate power supplies due to (im told)a shared ground issue and if not could damage the meters..
As I am running two volt meters and two ammeters <25ma each
or <50ma when using backlight option i am looking at a meanwell power supply (isolated) sd 25a 12 power supply (2) to take care of meter i going the right way? The information I have gotten (due to language barrier) is not clear..I have installed many meters

(automotive) but have not encountered this.....these meters are being used in a solar monitoring setup 12 volt system....

the meters in question have a built in power supply capable of using 6 to 24 volts dc (powered meter input) volt meter range 0 to 50 volts..the ammeters

also are the same...i can order what i may need from jameco...I am surprised that i cant just wire these up ...they offer 3 styles (input power)..5 volts fixed..6 to 24 volts..and 25 to 240 ac and dc..the latter they claim is the only one that can be used in multiples...Does this sound (what they are saying)

to be a real case scenario?I would prefer not to have to build a power supply

myself it will be too difficult in the field..but the power supply must be

capable of dealing with the voltage variance..ARE THESE GUYS BLOWING Smoke ?Is

there really a possibility that these can be damaged wire up like that ?In

hakie takkie english something was mumbled about common ground issues.. Is this real? Is there a possiblility it can harm these meters? I am looking for the easiest fix if possible.. thank you for your reply