Struggle to solve DC machine question

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    Mar 28, 2007
    Question: A 24 slot, D.C. generator has 18 turns per coil in its armature lap winding. The field excitation is adjusted to 0.05Wb per pole and the armature angular velocity is 183.2 rad/sec. Determine:

    a) the total induced emf
    b) the induced emf per turn
    c) the induced emf per coil, and
    d) the induced emf per conductor

    Here's my effort so far:

    a) EMF=(2.Z.p.N.Φ)/60

    Z=18x1 = 18
    N=(183.2 / 2pi) x 60 = 1741 rev/min

    Total EMF induced = 52.23V ??

    b) E = e(Z/c)

    Induced EMF per turn=5.8V

    c) ??????

    d) e = (2NpΦ)/60

    EMF per conductor = 2.9V

    Can anybody please advise/correct my effort?