Strobe (flasher) circuit in series with LED driver

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Little Howie

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Hi! I am attempting to add a strobing feature to an LED flashlight, similar to some off-the-shelf strobing tailcaps sold for the Surefire lights. The flashlight is set up with the positive end of the battery bank (6V) supplying power to the LED driver, with the current (max 1A) returning to ground (negative) through the casing and tailswitch assembly. I have scoured the 'net for strobe circuits, however in most cases the circuits are set up in parallel with the LED (i.e. need battery voltage available to the circuit whether the LED is on or off) an not in series with the LED as is necessitated by the physical constraints of the device I am working with. I suspect I should probably be looking at some type of capacitor & zener diode setup and not a 555 timer, but am looking for any helpful suggestions.