stripline inductors in NI ultiboard?

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Hey does anyone know how to place stripline inductors in NI Ultiboard? There's a microstrip calculator but I can't seem to be able to actually place any...


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The manual mentions "RF Model Makers" in section 13.5:

As with the other Multisim Model Makers, RF Model Makers automatically simulate models based on the input you provide. Whereas input for other model makers usually comes from data books, RF Model Makers can also receive other types of input, such as operating characteristics or physical dimensions, depending on the type of components you are modelling.
Multisim has RF Model Makers for the following types of components:
• “13.5.1 Waveguide” on page 13-30
• “13.5.2 Microstrip Line” on page 13-31
• “13.5.3 Open End Microstrip Line” on page 13-32
• “13.5.4 RF Spiral Inductor” on page 13-33
• “13.5.5 Strip Line Model” on page 13-34
• “13.5.6 Stripline Bend” on page 13-35
• “13.5.7 Lossy Line” on page 13-36
• “13.5.8 Interdigital Capacitor” on page 13-37.
Link to manual: