Stripboard magic woes

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Hi guys,

The abandonware Stripboard Magic seems not compatible with Windows 7 which is what I'm running on now. With a search, I've came across other people recommending Lochmaster, etc. (

I am currently doing all my simulations with LTspice and would like to know if there is any freeware, which is good to use, and if better, compatible with LTspice schematics. If not, which are the best to recommend besides Stripboard Magic and Lochmaster.

Any good suggestions here?


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If stripboard magic suits you, why not install a virtual machine with XP and run it in there?

Anyway, when I do stripboards, I usually have two approaches. Usually the board is so simple that I route it on the go. Also, those programs won´t let you do things like having a base resistor connected to a transistor in mid-air and then connecting to the board, which saved me a lot of hassle and space on my latest stepper driver.

Or if the design is more complex or I need to use as little space as possible and try a lot of different layouts, I use Eagle (mostly beacuse I use it for everything else), set grid to 100mil and draw one side only horizontaly and one only with vertical wires and components. Then if you show just the horizontal traces you can clearly see where you need to cut the traces.

For simulation I use Microcap 9, because it has nice UI with clicking instead of writing spice commands to make it simulate somthing, but inside the simulation boils down to the same spice simulation anyway.