strike indicator for fishing


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What is it you need help with? A brief description of the problem would be helpful. Also, try to upload a larger photo, that one is tiny :)

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here ya thanks what it does is it stays on the fishing stand and the fishing line goes over the straw when the fish runs it pulls the straw back toward the box and it sounds and led lights light up. I have no clue of what i need to make one of these any help would be appreciated. thanks



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I use a high tech solution called a finger. You touch the finger to the fishing line and wait to feel a bump, which is a hit by a crappie or bass. Works for trout too and doesn't require batteries, only ham sandwiches and beer. :p


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you need a 9 volt battery, a piezo buzzer with built in driver, an LED, a resistor for the LED (so as to not burn out when connected to the battery, the value depends on the LED you choose), and a toggle switch that is "easy" to switch on...... and maybe an enclosure to put it in......


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I also use the "finger" sensor method. One of the best nights fishing I would notice the line go slightly slack fairly often. When it did, I would give it 3 or so quick turns and yank to set the hook. That mostly resulted in bringing in another striped bass. They were following my lure straight in as I worked it, so they carried it to me without that lovely bump we all live for.

The guys next to me didn't know this, and kept asking me why I kept walking back to shore (we were surf casting into Long Island sound, no waves so you could wade pretty far out). I told em to remove the fish (doing catch & release). They said "what, you got 10 fish already?"

"Yep." My actual number was about half that.