Street Food

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There was a Korean Sushi bar that I used to walk by at night. Look at how clean the stainless and how everything is covered.
Which reminds me to visit Japanese Diaso store to pick up a few things.
It is unusual for me to understand with my USA upbringing how late the Sushi owner stayed and how meticulous he was about cleaning until midnight.
Also While holding over in Narita airport Japan I also saw the same extra effort toward clean, and it was'nt only street food.
The cultural values taught to children emphasize a compelling sense of community orderly neatness or else there are consequences.

If you compare the food and health of food common to India there is little wasted. The time spent cooking a curry based cooking is more labor intensive. The quality Korean fast food is also labor intensive. It is the traditional inclination toward cooking for health that makes india more peaceful
whereas the street food trend now in asia continues to follow fried grease sugar craving rather than simmered vegetables with spices prepared more as an art. Ginger is a antibacterial spice which helps but other cultures use chili and other spices, We have arrived at this point in order that the multitudes can survive and have some quality and contentment in life.
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