Strange digital clock dilemma

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I think I'm okay dick because the two ground capacitors are fused. I reasoned this this afternoon: Reflection, shadow, nervous system, and electricity are under slave control as slaves. Time was the slave to the slave so I better not change anything with the clock, the anomaly of changing time is for the best and I can always reset it. I'm sure with the difference of expectation I can learn something about my illness.
Could you expand on your comment please

" Reflection, shadow, nervous system, and electricity are under slave control as slaves. "


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Two problems with the fuses.

1. The fuse locations (in series with noise-suppression capacitors) does not do what the fuses are supposed to do - protect against power component failure. If the transformer fails, if the bridge rectifier fails, if the power supply filter capacitor fails, or if the regulator fails - nothing will stop the massive increase in current from starting a fire. Even if all four of those devices fail at the same time, nothing will prevent dangerous heat generation, fire, sparks that can ignite nearby materials or clothes, etc.

2. The fuse value is so large that they offer ***zero*** protection against anything. If one of the noise capacitors fails, the current surge will cause it to open (like a fuse) before a 1/2 amp fuse will blow.

3. Even if a fuse blows, so what. The circuit becomes more susceptible to external noise, which is the original problem, with no indication that anything has changed. With the way you have them connected, the fuses are a waste of money and space.



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Being a schizophrenic the 10 ohm resistor is because of my personality "sick" feeling that it is being deceived and logically it's just to have more control of the primary fluctuations of the transformer in tandem with the 0.1uF capacitor to neutral. I know lots of you are strong in your beliefs but I just can't put 19 (nineteen) 0.1 microfarad capacitors on IC power terminals on circuit boards that has so little pad area because I could damage my circuit board then I would have a serious problem worse than what I'm trying to solve. I sort of have a positive feeling about the grounded plug and if the ground terminal makes contact with the socket first when I put it in hopefully before the return and the hot then I think the problem might be resolved. Anomalies could change the perception of belief and change the physical evidence to make things malfunction. I don't think anything in the secondary of the transformer will work because of very fast transients in the primary so I don't think I want to use a power-up reset circuit since I think this is something spiritual I'm dealing with. I think the best I can do is try the circuit I have at my adult home.
I would definitely get rid of the 10 ohm power resistor. I don't see the purpose in it and it could be contributing to the problem.

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I considered the suggestions Dick but I guess you can call me stubborn because I made a decision to leave the clock the way it is. if I do buy circuit boards in the future to make another clock I Will Make spaces for the 0.1 microfarad capacitors as bypass.


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Ok, you have made your decision and we are cool with that. I still recommend you change the capacitors from Line and Neutral to Y type capacitors for safety because other types may not have been designed for the purpose.

Given that the design is not going to be modified this thread has run its course.
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