Store timer event for best resolution

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    Feb 2, 2012
    I am using STM32F205RBT6.

    I have to start a timer when a particular event happens. This I have done in programming.
    After that interrupts comes on 3-10 other pins. Now I have to measure the time between:
    1. Start & interrupt on pin 1
    2. Start & interrupt on pin 2
    3. Start & interrupt on pin 3 (total of 10 pins)

    1. What I am doing that when a start occur I run the timer & whenever any pin transition occur (I had set up 10 pin interrupts for all pins), control go that ISR read the counter value in it & return.

    Only drawback in it that on evry interrupt timer go to interrupt & then read the value & come back, this waste as control push register on stack, go to ISR . I want to know is there any better way to do that?