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have been building different versions of these with mixed results.

the concept is unit that you can tap with your foot and produce a bass drum sound. it is plugged into an amplifier or pa system.

i first tried a piezo element which produced more of a knocking sound than a thump.

i next tried a guitar pickup mounted under a metal licence plate ( a ferrous one) and got better results.

i came across this product but it seems to me to be rather pricey for what appears to be a 2 inch speaker, an audio transformer and a 1/4" jack.

can any one help with information regarding the transformer specs required for this application as well as a north american/canadian source.

i would be plugging it in to a guitar/bass amplifier. guitar pickups range from 6k to 13k in resistance.



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Looks like a speaker as an inductive microphone, which makes a very small voltage AC signal when you "stomp" it.

Then an audio coupling transformer used to step up the low signal to a higher voltage signal ie 0.5v to 1v p/p needed for an instrument amplifier.

I'm only guessing but it's most likely the transformer is a low to high impedance type, and might even be a tiny speaker transformer, something like 8 ohms to 1000 ohms.

Also you will probably find the speaker cone has a flat weight glued to it so vertical forces on the speaker make the cone move via the inertial tendency of the cone weight to remain still.
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thank you very much for your advice.
the weight on the speaker cone makes sense.

i'll start to search for a transformer source using those parameters.