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    i'm curently an intern in an I.T. department. they were given this san by a colledge that was geting rid of it for some reason. it is a hitachi thunder 9500V sieres system. from what i was told they have a similar system in use alredy, but hitachi actaly had an installer come and set it up with purchase. since they were just gevin this though there is no manuals or setup with it. I thought it would be fairley simple to set up then configuration may be a bit harder. i started trying to set up the cabaling and the labaling doesn't make since and they don't label in or out on the controler. the drive arays have 4 ports. interface 0 or 1 in and out for each the controler just says interface 0,1,2,3,4 and thers two of those. i tryed for about 3 hrs of online serching to find manuals for this, but there all about either configuration using software or replacing parts. i,m begining to think that maybe there like a raid setup the out of the first aray goes to controler then the in goes to the out on another aray. working sort of like a raid aray. the drives i beleve are fibre chanel, and the cabaling is shelded or unshelded twisted pair. they use conectors like a rj45 but linger and may have more pins.
    i also went to hitachi for email contact info for support and they have nothing other than a forum and phone number. i tryed both and niether was any help.
    any ideas on the setup or sugestions in where i could find such a manual for free apreciated.