STM32 controller interfacing with USB

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Hi, i'm looking for someone to fix an issue i have in my STM32 code currently running on a custom pcb device. Its an x-input code creating a controller usb input (x-input). The issue is that I'm unable to properly shutdown my PC with the usb device plugged in. It causes the fans and lights to run for 10ish minutes after shutdown. Haven't been able to find much info on the issue or whats causing it. Ive attached my schematic and code.

also additional inquiry: could you make an stm32 usb project that provides x-input and has a hotkey function to restart the board in HID keyboard mode, and be able to switch back and forth with the hotkey.
it needs to read x-input into the pc for the purpose of running a gaming controller
with the secondary goal of having it be able to restart into an hid keyboard device input

anyone help me?