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    Apr 2, 2009
    Panel is done. The alternator is here. Got me some time off, can't dismantle it in the dark.
    And to fill the time an urgent job came. Something I fixed couple of months ago.

    A Hi-Fi Entertainment. A Japanese made, an Original Sony. It got ruined because the owner thought it was a football :eek:.
    Please, do not ask what happened, it's not not my problem.

    I fixed it from top to bottom. The Tuner, DSP and Amplifier.

    In the Amp I replaced some blown caps together with a STK. The Sanyo Hybrid Power amps.

    I bought the STK from the local store, actually the owner bought it and I soldered it. I did say "I wonder how long it would last.?

    Answer is here. I bought another from them and installed it.

    To waste my time I went down and dirty in to the STK....see the pic :D


    I thought of doing some R&D my self.

    Checked them power transistors and they show confusing values. So I got rid of em.....

    I was thinking, would it work if I use discrete output stage in it.

    Time to find out......

    Thought u guys might like it u know.